First Step: Pass the Right Step

The right test during these tough times is not how your company survives but how you succeed. How you have your best years ever amidst this crisis, stay strong, and emerge stronger and faster. Not as a predator, but with principles and purpose intact.

Survival vs. success marks a critical difference in thinking. If your goal is to survive, you’re going to hunker down, stay in your lane, flinch when you should punch, and focus decisions on where you’re starting from. If your goal is to succeed, you’re going to try new things, inspire necessary confidence in others, and focus decisions on where you want to end up.

This is the mindset required for you to pivot to the real problem that your company must solve in order to succeed: How do we get others to pass the test for us?

You can’t pass this success test just because you’ve decided to. Three groups will decide it for you: your manager culture, your employee culture, and your customer culture. Their power to save you and serve you is stunning, including in tough times—especially in tough times. There has never been a more important time to understand how these cultures really work and how to get yours to really work for you.