This is Why. ... Your Answers

[if 83]1. This is what frightens me for the world.
[83][/if 83]
[if 84]2. This is the most beautiful thing in my life.
[84][/if 84]
[if 85]3. This is the most important thing for the leader of my country to remember.
[85][/if 85]
[if 88]4. This is the most unfair thing.
[88][/if 88]
[if 86]5. This is when I've been the most determined in my life.
[86][/if 86]
[if 87]6. This is when I've been most at peace.
[87][/if 87]
[if 89]7. These are the three things I'd tell a child are the most important to leading a fulfilled life.
[93][/if 89]
[if 94]8a. What is right with the world that must be protected?
[94][/if 94]
[if 95]8b. What is wrong with the world that must be corrected?
[95][/if 95]
[if 97]8c. What characteristics would the people of this company need to protect what must be protected and correct what must be corrected?
[101][/if 97]

Section 2: Why Does Music Move You?

[if 106]What are the three songs that move you the most and why?
[106][/if 106]
[if 114]What is the power of music, to you?
[114][/if 114]