Don’t look forward. Look backward.

There are two things we do know for certain. The first is that these tough times won’t last forever. The second is that the story of how you stood up to them will. You’re going to be living with that story for a long time. It’s time to start writing it so that it ends the way you want it to.

What can be lost. What must be found.

To be trusted about what matters most: Let this be the defining grace of your company. What matters most now is your humanity—your empathy, compassion, and unbiased unity—and how that drives decisions affecting those both inside and outside of your company. It is time to swap customer centricity for human centricity.

Successfully dealing with a seismic shift to your business often requires systemic changes but always requires unyielding adherence to your deepest purpose and principles. Some of this has to be calculated to be operationalized, but the catalyst should be to just do the right thing, for all of the right reasons. During this fierce storm, this is what you have, and this is what will save you. Your company can lose many things during these tough times, including its mind for a while, and still recover through the will of your own culture and your customers. But you cannot lose your soul.

What you do now will be remembered. Who you are now will be remembered longer.