Picture this...

Your Executive Leadership team has just spent three expensive days at an offsite finalizing next year’s strategy. They’ve spent a painstaking amount of their time, intellect, and experience crafting the perfect strategy. The executives plan a grand launch of the new strategy with a celebratory town hall, an inspiring video overview and a fun SWAG drop at all employees’ desks. The launch day arrives, they announce their plan... ...and crickets.

The executive team is confused. They don’t understand why they are hearing push back and not seeing the performance or excitement they were expecting—especially since this strategy is essential to the organization’s success. What they fail to realize is that it isn’t the employee culture’s responsibility to step up to take on the challenge of this new strategy. It is up to the executives to sell this strategy to their people.

Why is this happening?

The fact is most strategies aren’t successful—they’re not usually on time, on budget, or as impactful as we dreamed they’d be. The only time it feels like they’re moving forward is when they’re replaced by the next year’s strategy. Most strategies in most companies don’t really work because companies believe a successful strategy has to be planned well. In fact, it has to be implemented well.
“Implemented well” starts with enrolling the support of their employee culture. And to enroll the support of the culture, the executive leadership team has to go to the culture—not wait for them.

Managers carry the burden for the success of any enterprise strategy.

The SLAP Solution

Bury My Heart at Conference Room B gives managers the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to tap into their own source of energy and resilience and to unlock their team’s discretionary efforts. This in turn increases the likelihood of the successful execution of your company’s strategies, transformations, and performance goals. The goal of Bury My Heart at Conference Room B is to give managers what they need to build teams that achieve sustainable, reliable, and measurable business results.

As a result, managers and employees will increase their protection of the company and its performance goals and standards. In addition, attrition of top management talent will decrease, top talent easier will be to recruit, the next generation of managers will be created from within, and your employee culture’s acceptance of change for any business transformation will be accelerated.

Even years later, my executive team unanimously rates SLAP solutions as the most valuable and important management development they have ever experienced.”



SLAP has made a significant, long-term difference in the commitment of our managers and their ability to achieve results through others. Bury My Heart at Conference Room B was transformational for me and for our entire organization.



We do this by ...

  • 9Guiding managers to define their own leadership legacy and create rules for living and a roadmap for how their team operates.
  • 9Reconnecting managers to what matters most to them—their individual sources of resiliency and energy.
  • 9Reconnecting managers to what matters most to them—their individual sources of resiliency and energy.


The three-day Bury My Heart at Conference Room B session is appropriate for executives to entry level managers. The session is facilitated by a SLAP certified instructor and can support up to 20 participants per workshop. Upon completion of Bury My Heart at Conference Room B, participants will:
  • 9Learn how to receive maximum, rapid support from their employee culture.
  • 9Ignite their own enlightenment, connection, and fulfillment.
  • 9Receive post-session team and implementation tools so that they can begin to take action immediately.


    For organizations looking for a more comprehensive solution, we also offer a custom, strategic implementation and application solution. This solution augments the three-day session with customized consulting to personalize the content of the session. This solution includes:
    • 9Strategic positioning session to contextualize the learning to a specific business objective.
    • 9One-on-one discovery session with the management team to assess alignment and identify key behaviors required for business success.
    • 9Strategic application and implementation aimed at helping you accomplish your specific business strategy.
    • 9Post-session four-hour follow-up session with all participants to help with implementation and action.

      Instructor - led facilitation

      Post-session team and individual implementation tools

      Strategic positioning session

      1:1 Discovery with management team

      Strategic application and integration with management team

      1:1 Consulting Available add-on
      $34,000 Cost (Max 20 participants per session)* $56,400

      *Volume pricing is available for organizations who would like multiple sessions.

      *Pricing does not include non-US taxes.

      For any questions or more information please reach out to [email protected] or reach out to your Account Manager.

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