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Provides context and a reason to believe for both your C-Suite and employee culture. Let's Talk Measurable Results

A Fiery declaration of intention about what your organization stands for beyond its revenue targets and as a result will give your culture greater incentive to protect and promote company success.


A culture needs a reason to believe in the meaning of its affiliation with the company that goes beyond contributing to business success. Ironically, it is this affirmation that will give your culture greater incentive to contribute to business success: When your culture believes that the more successful the company is, then the better the world is, it gains greater sense of self and fulfillment as it causes the success to happen.

This belief has to be first presented as an emphatic and dramatic declaration of intention from your CEO and their executive team. This will set context for decisions made by the company,  thereby allowing for the legendary proof points that build trust as the culture links “management says this” and “management does this.” It will also provide your culture with the context, predictability, and sense of self that create the discretionary energy it needs to attack problems and create opportunities.

The key is to move beyond simply making the rational case for your culture’s commitment to making the emotional case as well—go below the neck. When it comes to a culture, the opposite of emotional is not rational; the opposite of emotional is detached. Emotion in the human brain is actually a highly rational process, but it’s capable of producing wonderfully irrational responses, like love. People protect what they love. You want your culture to love your company.

The Process

The greatest companies start with the personal passion of its founder(s)/ leader(s)—an uncompromising view of what is right with the world that must be protected and what is wrong with the world that must be corrected. Beyond their value propositions to customers, these companies are conceived of as delivery vehicles to build a better world. These are the companies that naturally become brands, creating legions of evangelists who promote and protect them. Much of this foundational work is done in the “garage” phase of the business—in its earliest days, when intention and context are set for everything that comes after.  

And so, we will go Back to the Garage with you to define your personal passions and those of your executive team. The process reveals the individual strongly held beliefs of you and your executive team. Post-session, we will translate these beliefs into a fiery declaration of intention—an unapologetic manifesto that includes Rules for Living that allows your culture to safely make accurate and autonomous decisions that support the manifesto. Then, we will show you how to present it to your culture, including giving you legendary moves that you can implement to begin creating the credibility of your intention.

Four-hour interactive video session that reveals the individual strongly held beliefs from you and your executive team.

Post-session translations of beliefs into a fiery declaration of intention - the Rules for Living manifesto that allows autonomy and accuracy of decisions by your employee culture as your organization continues to grow.


“SLAP was the primary reason that we were able to make massive operating changes without disrupting our all-important culture and soul. They helped us grow our most profitable division by 300%.

“Our executive team voted the SLAP company as one of the ten most important things to ever happen to our company.”

Chris Tobey

Executive Vice President, Warner Music Group

“I have employed many big strategic thinkers over the years. Noel Tichy, Michael Porter, and C.K. Prahalad are a few that come immediately to mind. I have learned more from Stan Slap than from any of these people.

The lessons of his company’s solutions continue to echo in my head as the ultimate truth about how a business should be run.”

Benjamin Putterman

Director of Learning and Development, Tesla


How do we cause our culture to deeply appreciate our company?    


Back to the Garage


Let’s talk about measurable results that can only come from the maximum commitment of your manager, employee, and customer cultures.


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