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Each of your managers will align jobs with personal values and this will cause them to take on company success as a personal crusade.


Any legendary, sustained organizational performance is the result of an emotionally committed manager culture. Emotional commitment is the ultimate trigger for this culture’s discretionary efforts, worth more than its financial, intellectual, and physical commitment combined. Emotional commitment translates to a company’s manager culture taking on company success as a personal crusade. It is what solves unsolvable problems, creates energy when all energy has been expended, and ignites emotional commitment in others, like your employee culture and, ultimately, your customer culture.

Your managers can appear fully productive and enthusiastic simply because they’re financially, intellectually, and physically committed. But if you’ve ever witnessed a human being emotionally committed to a cause—working like they’re being paid a million and they’re not being paid a dime—you know there’s a difference, and you know it’s big. It’s this difference that Bury My Heart at Conference Room B delivers.   

Bury My Heart at Conference Room B will increase manager protection of the company and its performance goals and standards; decrease attrition of top management talent while making new top talent easier to recruit in a competitive market; and accelerate acceptance of change for any business transformation. It is the highest rated management development solution in many of the world’s highest rated companies.

The Process

The process is in three parts:

Willingness to consider the new is created (How do I sell this to myself?) Willingness comes first, since your managers must consider a very different level of commitment to their jobs. This process will cause the epiphany that the bigger risk, both personally and professionally, is not to give their emotional commitment.

Willingness is then translated into skill (How do I sell this to my people?) This wholly new level of your managers’ commitment is not possible without the cooperation of their own employee cultures. Managers won’t risk their authority and competence by attempting new behaviors with their teams. Methods are included for gaining their culture’s support, even for initial efforts.

Skill is then translated into impact (How do I sell this to my company?) No matter how personally rewarding, managers won’t adopt any new behaviors unless they relieve the constant pressure to perform. Post-session applications, tools, and available coaching result in an entirely new level of business performance, achieved in an entirely new way.


“SLAP has made a significant, long-term difference in the commitment of our managers and their ability to achieve results through others. Their methods were transformational for me and for our entire organization.”

Kathleen Hogan

Chief People Officer, Microsoft

“Amongst their valuable solutions, SLAP is uniquely effective in clarifying what is personally important to executives in order to recommit them to their work. I was a senior executive at both Oracle and Microsoft and witnessed the impact on our executives in both of those companies.

We are getting the same results at Electronic Arts.”

Gabrielle Toledano

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Electronic Arts

“The internal commitment generated for us by SLAP is priceless.”

Bill Guibor

Chief Operating Officer, Hallmark

“The brilliance of the SLAP company’s solutions lies in their radical ideas. They are the crown jewel in Oracle’s management development curriculum and justifiably the highest rated development process in our company’s history.

We rate SLAP as an exceptional contributor to our business performance.”

Elizabeth Wiseman

Corporate Vice President/Head of Oracle University, Oracle

“After a single exposure to Stan Slap’s unique thinking, we asked him to join our board of directors. His company’s solutions stick. They immediately entered the pulse and bloodstream of this company.”


Kris McDivitt

President, Patagonia

“From Proctor and Gamble to PepsiCo, I’ve had a lot of management theory in my career. The SLAP company blows everything else away in terms of substance and impact.”

Kip Knight

President, H&R Block International Retail


How do we cure the emotional detachment of our managers?


Bury My Heart at Conference B


Let’s talk about measurable results that can only come from the maximum commitment of your manager, employee, and customer cultures.


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