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Confirms whether your culture plans to support company performance goals, then shows exactly what to do about it. Let's Talk Measurable Results

A deep cultural diagnosis designed to deliver the impeccably accurate determination of your manager and employee cultures’ commitment to support your transformation strategy


There are two things we know for sure:

  1. The success of your transformation strategy is critical.
  2. You can’t sell it outside if you can’t sell it inside.

What you want your company culture to do, and how and why you want it done, is never as important as why not. Given the logic and urgency of your transformation strategy, why would your culture not give full commitment to making it happen?

Under the Hood: Analysis and Action will get your culture to finally talk to you like it really talks to itself. It will reveal the true state of your culture’s willingness to support your transformation strategies, performance goals, organizational standards, and customer promises. It will then show you exactly how to recalibrate your culture’s commitment to a maximum level and how to sustain it.

This is a statistically bulletproof prediction machine, revealing the actual likelihood of achieving your business goals given the state of your culture’s commitment; why your culture may resist providing greater levels of urgency, innovation, unity, and accountability; whether your top talent is stable or about ready to leave; and everything else that your culture has always wanted to tell you.


Revealed, often for the first time, will be:


The actual likelihood of achieving business goals given the state of your culture’s commitment


Why your culture may resist providing greater urgency, innovation and accountability


Whether your top talent is stable or about to leave


Effectiveness and vulnerabilities between every level of management


Areas of cultural strength that can be better sustained


Willingness of your culture to give discretionary energy and protective evangelism


Whether your employee culture is willing to evangelize company intentions to your customer culture


Developing but as yet unseen threats to the organization


Whether company values, performance reinforcement and management communication have desired meaning to your culture


What your culture has always wanted most to tell you, and what it most despises and prizes

The Process

Under the Hood: Analysis and Action is definitely not some sort of “engagement survey.” It is a true cultural analytic.

  • It is not benched to an engagement score. Instead, it is benched directly to your measurable business goals, metrics, and standards.
  • It does not report the aggregate of individual employee responses. Instead, it analyzes the belief system that is an employee culture.
  • It is not limited to surveying employees. Instead, it also surveys every level of your manager culture and examines the dynamics between each level, from executive to entry level.
  • It does not take responses at face value. Instead, it includes multiple confirmation methods to ensure your culture told you the truth. Every finding is triangulated with quantitative, qualitative, and ethnographic data.
  • It does not seek to produce a summary NSAT score as the ultimate finding. Instead, it features hundreds of hours of expert analysis by the SLAP senior team of statisticians, organizational behaviorists, and anthropologists that reveals every key metric and nuance of your culture’s commitment.
  • It is not focused solely on your culture’s current state of commitment. Instead, it reveals when and why the current state came to be, so that it can be recalibrated as needed.
  • It does not consider reporting the survey results to be the act of completion. Instead, it provides a customized tactical plan to secure the cultural behaviors you require. SLAP is available to help you implement the tactical steps.


“I have never met anyone who knows more about culture than Stan Slap.”

Robert Hohman

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Glassdoor.com

“SLAP was the primary reason that we were able to make massive operating changes without disrupting our all-important culture and soul. They helped us grow our most profitable division by 300%.

“Our executive team voted the SLAP company as one of the ten most important things to ever happen to our company.”

Chris Tobey

Executive Vice President, Warner Music Group

I had to experience it to believe it. Everything we'd heard about SLAP solutions was true; everything we'd hoped they would be, they were. Stan Slap can see leading edge in his rear view mirror.

Jay Margolis

Chief Executive Officer, Esprit

“Experiencing SLAP’s cultural process was like taking the red pill in The Matrix. Everything was suddenly revealed for our executive team.”

Mark Komine

Senior Vice President of Sales, Hilton

“When I first took over our $12-billon channel business, our CEO Mark Hurd sent me a one-sentence email that said, ‘You are now in charge of the worst-running organization in the entire company.’ Two years later, he sent me another email that said, ‘You are now in charge of the best-running organization in the entire company.’

“The difference was SLAP. Their value and ROI are unquestionable.”

Adrian Jones

Senior Vice President, Hewlett-Packard

SLAP’s process flipped the switch for me and what is one of the most complex challenges a business can face — true cultural transformation — suddenly became understandable and achievable. Their methods are amazing.

Sanjay Mirchandani

Global Chief Information Officer, EMC


How do we gain the total support of our culture for strategies and performance goals?


Under the Hood Analysis and Action  


Let’s talk about measurable results that can only come from the maximum commitment of your manager, employee, and customer cultures.


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