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“There is no one on this planet that better understands how to get desired cultural response than SLAP. Over the last fifteen years I have deployed them in three companies doing battle in intensely competitive markets.

“They have never failed to deliver outstanding results.”

Michael Decesare

President, McAfee

“I can say without hesitation that SLAP changed the potential of our entire company.”

Karla Stephens

Chief Executive Officer Central and Eastern Europe, Vodafone

“SLAP was the primary reason that we were able to make massive operating changes without disrupting our all-important culture and soul. They helped us grow our most profitable division by 300%.

“Our executive team voted the SLAP company as one of the ten most important things to ever happen to our company.”

Chris Tobey

Executive Vice President, Warner Music Group

“I have never met anyone who knows more about culture than Stan Slap.”

Robert Hohman

Founder and Chief Executive Officer,

“Whenever I meet with Stan Slap, I don’t know whether to write down everything he says or leap across the desk and strangle him.”

Jack Calhoun

Chief Executive Officer, Banana Republic

“When you think of computers, think Steve Jobs. When you think of e-commerce, think Jeff Bezos. When you think of culture, think Stan Slap. His work is the best I’ve ever seen.”

Brendon Cook

Chief Executive Officer, oOh! Media

“Amongst their valuable solutions, SLAP is uniquely effective in clarifying what is personally important to executives in order to recommit them to their work. I was a senior executive at both Oracle and Microsoft and witnessed the impact on our executives in both of those companies.

We are getting the same results at Electronic Arts.”

Gabrielle Toledano

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Electronic Arts

“I have been on the inside of a company that became a brand and I can tell you that SLAP has the most accurate process I’ve ever seen for causing that to happen in your company.”

Allen Olivo

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Apple

“I have employed many big strategic thinkers over the years. Noel Tichy, Michael Porter, and C.K. Prahalad are a few that come immediately to mind. I have learned more from Stan Slap than from any of these people.

The lessons of his company’s solutions continue to echo in my head as the ultimate truth about how a business should be run.”

Benjamin Putterman

Director of Learning and Development, Tesla

“The internal commitment generated for us by SLAP is priceless.”

Bill Guibor

Chief Operating Officer, Hallmark

“When I first took over our $12-billon channel business, our CEO Mark Hurd sent me a one-sentence email that said, ‘You are now in charge of the worst-running organization in the entire company.’ Two years later, he sent me another email that said, ‘You are now in charge of the best-running organization in the entire company.’

“The difference was SLAP. Their value and ROI are unquestionable.”

Adrian Jones

Senior Vice President, Hewlett-Packard

“SLAP has made a significant, long-term difference in the commitment of our managers and their ability to achieve results through others. Their methods were transformational for me and for our entire organization.”

Kathleen Hogan

Chief People Officer, Microsoft

“Experiencing SLAP’s cultural process was like taking the red pill in The Matrix. Everything was suddenly revealed for our executive team.”

Mark Komine

Senior Vice President of Sales, Hilton

“Before SLAP, my division was losing $116M a year. After SLAP, we’re $100M to the good and we’ve gained 10% market share even after raising our prices 3%. I absolutely credit them as the driving force behind our turnaround.

When I brought SLAP into our company I billed them as ‘potentially life changing.’ Their work delivered on that promise and continues to do so.”

William Mayo

General Manager of the International Truck Engine Division, Caterpillar

“The brilliance of the SLAP company’s solutions lies in their radical ideas. They are the crown jewel in Oracle’s management development curriculum and justifiably the highest rated development process in our company’s history.

We rate SLAP as an exceptional contributor to our business performance.”

Elizabeth Wiseman

Corporate Vice President/Head of Oracle University, Oracle

“We have seen it all and worked with the very best. I believe SLAP offers a path to improving our client experience like no one else does.”

James Quigley

Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte

“After a single exposure to Stan Slap’s unique thinking, we asked him to join our board of directors. His company’s solutions stick. They immediately entered the pulse and bloodstream of this company.”


Kris McDivitt

President, Patagonia

“From Proctor and Gamble to PepsiCo, I’ve had a lot of management theory in my career. The SLAP company blows everything else away in terms of substance and impact.”

Kip Knight

President, H&R Block International Retail

“The full SLAP approach to creating what they call a ‘brandable customer experience’ does exactly that. Their process is the best I’ve seen in all my years in business.”

Richard Cohen

Chief Executive Officer, North America, Ermenegildo Zegna

“I wish we’d had SLAP at GE during our branding efforts.”

Beth Comstock

Vice Chair, General Electric