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Heaven is to help your company achieve deepest customer loyalty, evangelism, and protection by creating a customer experience so good it gets you branded for how you do your business with them.


True customer centricity depends on three dimensions:

Financial: Financial decisions that impact the customer experience are considered first on behalf of the customer, not the company. There is confidence that such decisions will return on their investment, bet it in the short term, longer term, or when it is unexpectedly needed. The company is both convinced that customer-centric is the right way to be and that it is its best competitive positioning. It is both soul and a strategy issues.

Operational: The funding of a customer centric approach is acutely managed, and measurements of impact and return are sophisticated. Systems that anticipate, support, and delight are customers are sustained and dependable, while they continue to be innovative.

Cultural: The company’s entire culture—regardless of whether members happen to be customer facing—remains acutely aware of the impact of decisions on customer satisfaction. It is able to take a positive sense of self from the company’s renowned quality of the client experience, and believes it is empowered to use its own good judgement to act on customers’ behalf. The company’s internal culture is intimate, and united in community, with its external culture.

 The purpose of Heaven is to help your company achieve deepest customer loyalty, evangelism, and protection by creating a customer experience so good it gets you branded for how you sell, not just for what you sell. It also serves to significantly increase your culture’s sense of self by providing bragging rights for affiliation with this rarified level of customer experience.  This is an experience that is:

Spectacular: Not just polite, friendly and benched to your best competitor, but blow your customers right out of their socks.

Signature: Aspects of your customer experience can only be gotten by being your customer. Even if a competitor copies them, your customers know where it originated.

Sustainable: No matter how spectacular and signature, your customer experience has to be manageable and affordable so that it can be dependably delivered.

Conceiving of a brandable customer experience is tough for even the smartest of teams. They’re painfully aware of financial and operational realities and mixed priorities and rarely approach the idea of creating the experience with the right attitude or proper creativity. The real triggers for creating loyalty and evangelism from a customer culture are shrouded in mystery and may not be consciously realized by customers themselves.

The Process

SLAP will fix this by showing you how to generate the most innovative strategies and tactics possible and then show how they can be made affordable and achievable. That’s why we’ll take you to Heaven. In Heaven anything and everything is possible and affordable. 

Heaven is a process that generates restriction-free thinking from your people, based on SLAP’s proprietary understanding of what makes a customer experience strong enough to be brandable. It’s a wild affair, even by our disturbingly high standards. Your people (a mix of managers and employees from both customer-facing and other business units) are provided with total operational authority and unlimited financial resources. They then develop innovative ideas in the categories required to design your brandable experience.  

Heaven isn’t all floating around on fluffy clouds munching freshly peeled grapes, though. It features a unique planning process (Heaven on Earth) that transforms the innovative into the pragmatic. Attendees must then filter each of the ideas generated in the first day through the likely resources—time, talent, and money—that would be realistically required to implement them within the company. Over 60 percent of the hundreds or thousands of seemingly impossible ideas generated in a typical Heaven session can actually be implemented without the use of any additional company resources, in the judgement of the attendees. 

Why do you think we call it Heaven?

Post-session, SLAP will take the total Heaven output, analyze it, and recommend ideas best implemented as first and second stage. We will annotate our analysis with our own comments about how to make priority ideas even more impactful and how to best make implementation credible and compelling to your customer culture. We’ll then organize all of the output into a database that can be used and added to for many years. You will remain years ahead of any competition for your customers’ attention and protection.

This process will give you the tools to help create protective evangelism from your customer culture and the revenue gains and competitive edge that come from it. It will also have important impact on your internal culture. Those who participate in the session will get wicked smart about how to create customer impact and will have tremendous ownership around the ideas that they have generated, which stand a very good chance of being realized. Your entire employee culture has to use its own good name to represent its association with your company, since the customer experience that comes out of Heaven will provide tremendous bragging rights. 

Spectacular, signature, and sustainable +  Financial, operational, and cultural = True customer centricity.

session that generates restriction-free thinking based around our proprietary deconstruction of what makes a customer experience strong enough to be brandable.

Features a unique planning process (Heaven on Earth) that transforms the creative into the pragmatic. Your people will then run each idea through a series of filters, including the resources – time, talent and dollars – required to implement and which ideas will generate the fastest revenue response.


“We have seen it all and worked with the very best. I believe SLAP offers a path to improving our client experience like no one else does.”

James Quigley

Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte

“The full SLAP approach to creating what they call a ‘brandable customer experience’ does exactly that. Their process is the best I’ve seen in all my years in business.”

Richard Cohen

Chief Executive Officer, North America, Ermenegildo Zegna


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