SLAP achieves maximum commitment from manager, employee, and customer cultures.



SLAP’s sole focus is on achieving maximum commitment in the three groups that decide the success of your company: your manager culture, your employee culture, and your customer culture. We’re not talking about a bunch of managers, employees and customers. When these groups formed relationships with your company they became cultures, and so became far more resistant to standard methods of corporate influence. They will give you whatever you want but you must give them what they want first.


Our renowned expertise is in understanding how these cultures really work and how to get them to really work for you. Stan Slap wrote the New York Times and Wall St. Journal bestselling books about business culture, published in many countries. SLAP is the first company to accurately confirm that a culture as an organism that exists to protect itself – a constantly recalibrating belief system of trust. We are the first company to distinguish a manager culture from the general employee culture. We are the first company to identify brand status as faith about delivery on a company’s stated intention, that must be given by a both a company’s employee and customer cultures, in that order.

SLAP’s unique, proprietary solutions have achieved legendary performance impact for many of the world’s most successful companies.


From your manager culture, we will get you emotional commitment, which is worth more than its financial, intellectual and physical commitment combined, and which translates to your managers taking on company success as a personal crusade. From your employee culture, we will get you fast, accountable execution of company strategies and performance goals, so that they are implemented as well as they are planned. From your customer culture, we will get you true brand and thought leadership status, ensuring that your customers advertise and sell for you, and protect you if you stumble or get attacked.



How do we get cultural support for a significant transformation?

To customer centric, in circumstances of M&A, or leadership change.


How do we succeed in a hyper competitive market?

Take and hold market share without reducing margin, turn our customers into protective evangelists, avoid commoditizing our offerings, get our sales team into more doors on higher floors.

How do we shorten recovery time and emerge stronger?

Maintain credibility and support from both our employee and customer cultures during circumstances of unusual pressure.

How do we grow without risk?

Avoid importing cultural viruses, control our uniqueness as we serve many masters, compete against the resources of much larger companies?

No one has ever called SLAP work ordinary:
methods used or results achieved.



Our solutions are delivered as customized consulting services, including comprehensive process that can transform your company into a brand, establish thought leadership credibility and reveal the true state of your internal culture’s willingness to support performance strategies.


Although we are not a training company, we believe in the transfer of competency and provide management development sessions that will help your managers become emotionally committed to your company’s success, show how to gain dependable commitment to any current or future management plan, and allow you to deliver a brandable sales/customer experience.


Our founder/CEO Stan Slap regularly gives keynotes focused on maximizing commitment in manager, employee and customer cultures. His talks are based on the POV, processes and results that the SLAP company really achieves.


Stan is a New York Times bestselling author who has a three-book deal with Penguin for one each on maximizing commitment in manager, employee and customer cultures. The first two are available in hardcover, e-book and audio formats and he is at work on the third.


Culture is where the humans gather in business. When we reposition companies’ manager, employee, and customer cultures as newly valuable assets for business performance, we cause companies to protect them, the same as a company will do with any asset. Companies can’t protect these three assets without protecting the humanity they represent, and without discovering or rediscovering their own humanity as a result.

If we lose humanity in business, we are all doomed. When we save it, company-by-company and manager-by-manager we have saved ourselves.

SLAP exists to make the business case for humanity.


* We didn't actually trademark this, so if, like, Deloitte wants to use it as their tagline, they should go right ahead.

Deadly Serious. Totally Twisted.

Relax; it’s a chronological equation. The deadly serious always comes first—including hardcore processes and metrics impact—but our work has a certain undeniable … attitude. It’s delivered as a constant change-up pitch of provocative and profound, heartfelt and hysterical, relevant and irreverent. And it’s driven by a lot of passion for the jaw-dropping power and vital importance of humanity in the workplace.


You’ve heard of our clients or you’re about to: They include many of the world’s most successful companies in IT, financial services, entertainment, apparel and manufacturing, as well as newer fast growing companies in many of these same industries. They have in common an obsession with quality, performance and purpose.

Our work is primarily with managers, from executive to entry level.

Every culture has its own language and music is part of it. If you grew up with rock and roll, as an example, it was the language of your culture. By expressing the exhilarations and terrors of first freedoms it defined the culture’s anxieties and desires. It declared the culture’s insistence on being respected for its uniqueness. It clarified who belongs to the culture and, just as importantly, who didn’t.

Managers may have their own culture but they don’t have their own music. They’re forced to listen to their parents’ old Stephen Covey records.

SLAP is rock and roll for managers.

We don’t mean this as some sort of rock star poseurs. We mean that we want our work with managers to be the ignition switch for the urgent need to change the world and for the energy to do it. We want to help managers celebrate their shared experience in all of its potential and potential weirdness. We want to stir your soul, race your heart and throb the foot used for acceleration. And we want you to find the fire down below, pump up the volume, take it to the streets, kick out the jams and tear the roof off the sucker.

Making your company successful? That can be interesting and profitable work and we’re going to help you do it better than you ever thought possible. But it’s time to move it. It’s time to make it righteous work.

We Create Success in Over 44 Countries.

North America. Africa. APAC. Japan. Europe. Middle East. LATAM. What a week.

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