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Two Bridges

The bridge between where company performance is now and where you want it to be may be easy to forecast but it’s harder to travel. Competition, a global economy, the changing needs of your customers and ever-increasing demands from stakeholders can make the bridge a wobbly one to cross.

Every plank on that bridge must be weight bearing in order for a strategy or goal to be weight bearing. A lot of those planks involve the willingness of your internal cultures (manager and employee) to support it. Two Bridges is the diagnostic that will answer the question: will your culture truly support this company plan? And so is your enterprise strategy truly weight bearing?

This is the first “bridge” – between where you are now and where you need to go. The second bridge portion of this solution shows how to dependably secure maximum commitment from your internal culture for future company plans, so that anything you hand off to your culture will reliably happen, as you need it to.

Two Bridges is not an engagement survey, used to probe general levels of satisfaction. The purpose of this work is to give you an unerringly accurate insight into your employee culture’s willingness to support current – specific, critical and measurable – performance goals. And to ensure that you gain its maximum, dependable, adrenalized commitment for that goal.

Under the Hood

Under the Hood is the unique SLAP process that will show your managers from executive to entry level exactly how an employee culture works and how to work it.

As a result, at whatever stage they receive a company strategic or performance goal, they’ll be able to dependably cause their teams to protect it, course correct it as needed and evangelize it.

More About This Process

The Solution Process: Two Bridges

  • CONFIRMATION: We start with understanding exactly what you need your business to do, and so what you need your culture to do: what performance driven by what behavior?
  • DIAGNOSTIC: 60 original questions are asked of all of your managers and employees, in every position, business unit and geography. These are questions that a culture simply never gets asked, that probe its deepest thoughts and feelings. Answers are on a 1-10 strength of preference and there are 3 open-ended questions.
  • ANALYSIS: All quantitative and qualitative responses are decoded by the SLAP senior team for this work, headed by a PhD in statistical analysis and executives who have a combined 80 years of expertise in cultural dynamics, neuropsychology and anthropology. Key findings are then explored directly with members of your culture in intimate in-person “dig” sessions. The total analysis will comprise hundreds of hours.
  • Equally successful with managers from executive to entry level, from any country or line of business.
  • FINDINGS: The resulting analysis is a schematic of key findings that provides a grand mean score and explains your culture’s perceptions about every area that affects its plans to provide or withhold its support. Every conclusion is triangulated based on the quantitative, qualitative and ethnographic research that has been done with your culture. Included is a detailed explanation (The Backstory) that explains how your culture came to its current perceptions over months and years so those perceptions can be accurately recalibrated. Also included are views of the quantitative data by management level, employee position, geography, business unit, gender and tenure. And a curated version of all responses to anecdotal comments.
  • ACTION: We will provide you with a tactical action plan that is both curative (how to address existing issues) and preventative (how to prevent other issues from happening).

In the killing field between company concept and employee commitment lies many a failed strategic plan.

The Solution Process: Under the Hood

This process, which is in the form of a remarkable one-day session, is customized to your current or imminent enterprise plans. This is critical work about real – live – company issues.

Under the Hood will address every issue critical to an employee culture’s maximum commitment, including change, communication, leadership, compensation and trust. It will give your managers wholly new insight and tactical tools. It will provide a template for ensuring your future strategies and goals will be implemented as well, or even better, than they’re planned. And it will deliver the greatest missing competency in even the smartest management organizations.


Like any company, your company regularly bets its life on the ability to roll out new strategies. A strategy isn’t planned well; it is implemented well.

“Implemented well” starts with securing the fierce support of your employee culture. If the culture wants something to happen, it will; if it doesn’t, it won’t. In this mind-blowing keynote speech, Stan will explain exactly how and why your employee culture will buy any strategic or performance goal.


Stan’s new book, just released, is about how an employee culture actually works and how to achieve its maximum commitment. Informed by immaculate research, packed with dozens of original tactics and including 19 jaw-dropping inside stories of employee cultures.

Like no other book, Under the Hood explains employee culture and why it decides to reject or support company plans.
Roy Chestnut

Chief Strategy Officer, Verizon

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