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Bury My Heart at Conference Room B

The Solution Purpose: Emotional Commitment from your Manager Culture

The emotional commitment of your manager culture is worth more than its financial, intellectual and physical commitment combined. Emotional commitment translates to managers taking on company success as a personal crusade. It solves problems that are unsolvable, creates energy when all energy has been expended and ignites emotional commitment in your employee culture. It is the ultimate trigger for your manager culture’s discretionary effort.

Sometimes a company gets emotional commitment from its managers in the early days, maybe in times of tremendous gain or pain as a larger enterprise. To dependably get it in a complex management organization – and on a self-sustained basis from managers - is the stuff of unrequited corporate lust. This is what Bury My Heart at Conference Room B delivers.

The Solution Process:

  • Two-day session that deconstructs existing and often unrealized levels of emotional detachment.
  • Creates the willingness to consider emotional commitment to the company and its goals.
  • Tactics for post-session application turn the willingness into skill and measurable business impact.
  • Equally successful with managers from executive to entry level, from any country or line of business.
  • Facilitated by extraordinary SLAP facilitators. The best on the planet; likely on any planet.

Video: 10,000 Managers in a Room

Any legendary, sustained organizational performance is the result of
an emotionally committed manager culture.


A keynote version is also available for larger events. This is obviously not the full solution but it is a deep and urgent inspirational call to your managers. Available in 45-, 60- and 90-minute versions Stan Slap will explain not only why getting emotional commitment is critical to the enterprise but why giving it is critical to the success and deep fulfillment of any who is a manager.

Emotional commitment is what companies really mean when they say they want their managers to be leaders. This keynote will bust every myth of leadership in the enterprise and show managers not only how but why to be a real leader.

The Book: Bury My Heart at Conference Room B

Stan’s first book, which identifies emotional commitment as the single greatest issue in a manager culture and then shows how any company can get it and why every manager should give it. Eight years in the writing. Backed by a 23-person research team, including Pulitzer-winning investigative journalists. A New York Times, Wall St. Journal and USA Today bestseller.

A hell of a pithy read.

This book is game changing in a way I have never seen in a business book. I learned about myself and gained new insights into the work I've been doing for thirty years, It is a spectacular read.

John Riccitiello

Chief Executive Officer, Electronic Arts

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