Under the Hood: Transfer of Competency — Course


This in depth course packs an incredible amount of information and tactical actions into six hours. The power of this course comes from clarifying the most misunderstood concept in business: CULTURE.

The success of any enterprise strategy is dependent upon the ability of each manager to execute it within their own cultures. If they can’t, any plan that comes from the top will be dead on arrival or diluted beyond recognition.

Yet knowing how a culture works and how to gain its maximum commitment is the greatest missing competency amongst even the smartest management teams. Under the Hood: Transfer of Competency will solve this problem for you.

Download the syllabus for Under the Hood: TOC here.

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Under the Hood: TOC will reveal all of the criteria, including energy, trust, communication, and reinforcement, the culture uses when deciding whether to reject or protect a company goal or standard. To ensure relevancy as well as value, we use components of the actual BBD transformation strategy that your managers are responsible for executing—on their desks right now or coming soon. (If we have performed the Under the Hood Analysis and Action for you, we will use actual data about the state of each component of your culture’s decision.)

Each of your managers will develop their own tactical action plan that can be used immediately and then endlessly refreshed and reused as new goals take the place of existing ones. Also available are post-session adoption and compliance tools that further ensure use of tools and measurement of impact.

Additional impact: During this process, the point is made that your managers are their own culture, distinct from the general employee culture. This will finally give your manager culture language to express any of its own hesitation to commit in a way that is pragmatic, reasonable, and curable.

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