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Each of your managers will develop an individual Digital Impact Plan with practical and tactical tools to harness the power of the employee culture.


The success of any enterprise strategy is dependent upon the ability of each manager to execute it within their own cultures. If they can’t, any plan that comes from the top will be diluted or dead on arrival.

Yet knowing how a culture works and how to gain its maximum commitment tends to be the greatest missing competency amongst even the smartest management teams. Under the Hood: Transfer of Competency will solve this problem for you.

Ask your managers now what they manage, and they’ll tell you a P&L, product, process, or place. After a while they may tell you that they manage an organization, team, or employees. After Under the Hood: TOC they will tell you first and foremost that they manage a culture and that they now know exactly how to assure its maximized, adrenalized commitment to any enterprise goal or standard.

The Process

Under the Hood: Transfer of Competency is a one-day management training solution (or multi-day virtual training), that is supported by additional resources and available continued involvement. The training, consisting of at most 15 managers at a time, will equip your managers with the insights and tools to understand the mechanics of culture.

When it comes to successfully executing a strategy, leaders often assume that telling the what, the why and the how of the strategy will sufficiently ignite their culture’s fierce support, that the irrefutable business logic will be irresistible. The question that really needs to be answered, “Why would our culture hesitate to give us their commitment?” never gets asked. Under the Hood: TOC gives leaders and managers context, tools, and practices to unleash the culture’s power. What gives your culture the energy? What gives your culture a feeling of safety or a desire for accountability? What gives your culture emotional commitment?

Managers will emerge from this intense, transformative session with an understanding of all of the criteria their cultures use when deciding whether to reject or protect a company goal or standard. Each of your managers will also develop an individual Impact Plan with practical and tactical tools to harness the power of their employee culture.

One day intense manager training session that will give your managers the tools to maximize the commitment of their own cultures.

Managers will develop an individual Impact Plan with practical and tactical tools to harness the power of their employee culture


SLAP’s process flipped the switch for me and what is one of the most complex challenges a business can face — true cultural transformation — suddenly became understandable and achievable. Their methods are amazing.

Sanjay Mirchandani

Global Chief Information Officer, EMC

“The internal commitment generated for us by SLAP is priceless.

Bill Guibor

Chief Operating Officer, Hallmark

I can say withouth hesitation that SLAP changed the potential of our entire company.

Karla Stephens

Chief Executive Officer Central and Eastern Europe, Vodafone

I have never met anyone who knows more about culture than Stan Slap.

Robert Hohman

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Glassdoor.com

The Impact

  • Cause your managers to maximize the commitment of their own cultures.
  • As a measurable result, your managers will be able to successfully drive company goals through their own employee cultures.
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