Stan visits the Rackspace Studios in San Francisco to talk with Robert Scoble about revolutionizing company cultures in the tech world.

Slap is renowned for achieving maximum commitment in manager, employee and customer cultures—-the three groups that decide the success of any business.

We don’t mean a bunch of managers, employees and customers. When these groups form as cultures in a company, they are far more self-protective, far more intelligent and far more resistant to standard methods of corporate influence. Our unique expertise is in understanding how these cultures work and how to work them.

From your manager culture, we will achieve emotional commitment, the source of their discretionary effort and worth more than their financial, intellectual and physical commitment combined. From your employee culture, we will get you fierce support for any strategic or performance goal: protected, course corrected and promoted to your customers. From your customer culture we will get you true brand status, allowing you to transfer sustainability of your company to your customers, who will advertise and sell for you, and step up to protect you if you stumble or get attacked. We deliver our solutions as custom consulting assignments. Since our purpose is to transfer competency to our clients, there are management development training components imbedded in our consulting process. These sessions can also be purchased on a standalone basis. In all formats, slap solutions are highest rated in many of the world’s highest rated companies —-the kinds of companies that don’t include “Patience” on their list of corporate values. No one has ever called slap work ordinary—-methods used or results achieved.